About Me

I am lucky enough to have been taking photographs in great locations around the world for many years and have lived in the beautiful Cayman Islands since 2008.  I especially enjoy photographing people, and always try to work in a relaxed way to deliver beautiful photographs that capture the special moments in your life.  Click the envelope to get in touch and find out more!

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Kind Words

“Awesome – Thanks for all your hard work”- Mary

“Wow – Thank you for doing such a great job”- Alyssa & Mike

“Great Photographs – Thank You” – Ben & Emily

“Wow – Thank you so much for capturing these gorgeous pictures!” – Lauren

“Perfect!!!  Thank you for doing such an amazing job” – Nicole

“The pictures are simply gorgeous!” – Argy and Hilda

“Wayne’s awesome. Best photographer ever!” – Hallie

“Wow! These photos are AMAZING 🙂 !!!!  We love them! Thank you so much!!!” – April

“I absolutely loooooove the pictures and really enjoyed the photoshoot” – Emily

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