Cayman Evening Sky

We are so fortunate to have beautiful evening skies in Cayman, and something that I’m going to try do more of this year is to get out and take some pics in the late evening.  I have shot hundreds of sunsets in lots of different places, but I’m trying something a little different with this shot.  My plan was to deliberately blur the photograph to give it a pastel, impressionist kind of feel.  This is something that can be done pretty easily in Photoshop, but for me, it’s so much more satisfying to get the photograph or the effect that I want ‘in-camera’.

This was the first attempt, and I quite like it as a starting point (it was hand held @1/50s, f9 and ISO 50), but plan to get the tripod and a couple of ND filters out soon and really get the look that I was going for – just waiting for some great colours in the sky, and an evening when I haven’t got anything planned around sunset!

I hope you like it!