Mirrorless Nikon

So I ‘m not a major techie, or gadget guy – but I have been shooting with Nikon cameras and lenses for many years, and a recent new release has got me trying to resist reaching for the credit card!  The big news is that Nikon have finally taken the plunge and released a mirrorless full frame camera (well, two actually..).  They have also released an adaptor which allows you to use all of your ‘old’ Nikon lenses without a loss of performance (smart marketing, and a game-changer for many people) – the camera specs are impressive, the Z7 has a 45.7-megapixel sensor and the Z6 is 24.5-megapixel, ISO’s range between 64 – 25,600 for the Z7, and 100 – 51,200 for the Z6 without expansion, and the Z7 has 493 focus points (the Z6 has 273).  These specifications are pretty mind-blowing, but the Nikon is up against strong competition from Sony and Canon (who have also just joined the mirrorless market).

Anyway, for me the plan is to wait a year and see how the Nikons evolve before I jump in.  There are some concerns about the autofocus tracking (it’s not designed to be a sports camera) and the fact that it only has one card slot (I think that this is a non-issue – I have only ever had one card fail on me, and that was an SD card, the XQD that the Nikons use are ‘bomb-proof’ and are very, very unlikely to fail).  I’ll wait for the hype to die down, wait for some new lenses to be released and then dive in – I’m looking forward to lighter, smaller equipment, silent shooting options and that new camera smell …!