“We The People..”

I had my first trip to San Francisco a few months ago and absolutely loved it!  It is one of those beautiful, interesting cities that are fun to explore and full of surprises.  It’s an easy city  to feel at home in – if you have a home, and lots of people in SF don’t.San Francisco graffiti - we the people

This shot was taken in the charismatic, and slightly edgy Tenderloin district, which was full of amazing hole-in-the-wall bars and places to eat, iconic street corners and the wonderful noises and smells of a city that’s full of life.

There are so many must-sees, or must-dos in San Francisco, but take time to walk away from the crowds and the sights – visit the bar that’s not in the guidebook, eat street food, and talk to people!  I always enjoy finding graffiti in new cities, and loved the irony in this photograph- especially the “I was asked to paint my truth” quote.